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We have the ability to make positive changes in our life. The way we think and perceive our bodies, mind and circumstances become our truth. We must learn to love and nurture ourselves,
practice self care each day for our minds to find balance, our bodies to harness strength and our hearts to be open. For many years, I have been practicing and studying this ayurvedic wisdom and feel privileged to have been born in the country where Yoga originated centuries ago. I always have been close to yoga culture, but now I want to transfer this knowledge and practice with those who want to live a healthy, peaceful lifestyle and give themselves this gift of yoga. So let’s practice and grow together.


Benefits of Yoga

As mentioned above, yoga offers flexibility to the body and relaxation to the mind. There are different asanas practiced by people and each asana has its benefits on the mind and body.
Breathing practices can cure so many health issues if you practice regularly. This can help in controlling our emotions and promote well being.
The ultimate aim is to make you physically and mentally fit.

Private Classes

You may be new to yoga and not feel ready to attend a group class. You may have specific physical or wellbeing needs or you may have a very busy work schedule and simply can’t go to a studio group class. I teach 1 on 1 yoga classes according to your specific needs. It’s ideal for absolute beginners. Private classes are great for those wishing to explore particular aspects of yoga and have their own space to practice.
Whether you are a beginner or seasoned yogi, my private classes offer a space in which you can deepen your practice with tailored programs to reach your goals.

Yoga Retreats

I offer unique yoga retreats and holidays in nurturing locations around the world, blend inner and outer discovery with guided yoga and meditation sessions, healthy and delicious food, enough free time to relax and let your stress fall away.
These special yoga vacations provide an unique experience that once tasted, you will never forget. This is your time to break away from the usual, and allow health, love and light to shine through your life. Join me….

Discover the transformative power of yoga in the comfort of your own home with Fityogi


My name is Annie,I’m an Indian yoga teacher currently teaching the implementation of yoga in our day to day life.I feel privileged to experience this holistic practice which helps us to live a better life by practicing asanas, pranayamas, meditation and taking one step ahead towards our mental peace and self care. You will find what you are looking for when you take a pause and ask yourself, I am here to help you in that.

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